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The purpose of this website is to give you resources to TEACH your baby (or toddler) to READ. Yes babies CAN learn to read. Keep reading below.

Have you ever seen a two or three-year-old child recite the presidents of the United States or do some other amazing feat? We were excited at how brilliant this child was. Early Childhood Learning experts have found that the fastest learning period in a baby’s life is between birth and two and a half or three years old. During that time tens of thousands of brain connections are being formed and they are strengthened by the baby’s mind being stimulated by the people around them. The most fun thing a baby can do is learn. The more you interact with your baby from the very beginning the more they will learn.

Years ago Dr. Glen Doman wrote a book called “How to Teach Your Baby To Read” I read this book and I used its principles in teaching babies in the church nursery while we were in Bible School. I saw wonderful results. To quote Glen Doman “People say don’t talk over kids heads. Why not? Talking over their heads causes them to reach up! You don’t want to talk down to kids.” The more you talk to your baby the bigger their vocabulary will be. We have been duped to think that kids can’t learn to read until they are five or six. That’s when their learning begins to slow down. If we wait till then, the best learning years of their life are past. We think some kids are gifted and others are not when the truth is that the gifted kids probably just got more attention from their parents and more stimulation to learn at an early age.

Early in the 80’s when we got our first computer, I had a vision to write children’s books to introduce them to the Bible, the church, principles of faith, etc with large type. I thought that vision had fallen by the wayside, but the truth was, all this time God has preparing me. In 2010, I was sharing my vision of teaching babies to read the Bible with a young mother. That night my vision of writing children’s books began to explode and all kinds of ideas started coming. It’s my vision to see these books not only in homes but also in church nurseries, daycares and homeschooling. Children who learn at an early age are very happy, creative children who continue to learn at a faster rate for the rest of their lives.

The difference between the Big Letter books I am developing and books already on the market are that most children’s books have small type and big pictures so somebody can read to them. It has been observed that when children are read to they focus on the pictures and not the words. Big Letter Books for Children have large print words and pictures between the pages – not on the same page so that as your read to your child you point to each word and with repeated readings they will recognize the words and not be distracted by the pictures. The story can be reinforced by talking about the picture which is between story pages.. We cannot comprehend the wonderful effect of teaching toddlers how to read the word of God and love His Word from a very early age. I believe Creation is the place to start. More books will follow.. This is part of “Training up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

In a secular presentation by Dr. Bob Titzer, developer of the Your Baby Can Read Early Language Learning Program, he interviews his 16-year-old daughter who learned to read (using Glen Doman's methods) before she was one year old. She now reads thick novels in two hours. At the time of the interview she was 16 and a sophomore in college. Can you imagine if Church Nurseries, Daycares and Christian parents begin getting the vision for teaching their children to read from birth what an amazing effect it can have on the foundations of their life, especially if you are teaching them to read the Bible!

The goal of this website is to provide you with Christian materials & resources in very large type to use as a teaching tool..




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"Babies are born genius's and we spend six years 'de-geniusing' them instead of teaching them" "Learning to read is a brain builder" Glen Doman .


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