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Teach your child to read using the Lord's Prayer! Be patient with much repetition, they will learn to recognize the words.


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1. Print on Glossy Photo paper if possible. It will give you the sharpest images.

2. Purchase a package of clear sheet protectors

3. Insert two sheets back to back in sheet protector and cut in half on dotted line (Two sheets in a protector work great with a paper cutter, but if you are cutting by hand you might want to do just one.)

4 Arrange half sheets so Jesus is on the backside of the cover page, me is on the backside of love, etc.

5. Push an ice pick or something sharp through the holes so that the you end up with two holes on the left side to put metal rings through.

See pictures below: (Pictures are of Jesus Loves Me but process is the same.)


Teaching Resources to Supplement book.
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Teaching suggestions:

Coloring Pages
The bottom set is wordless.

Lord's Prayer Song sung by kids. This is a $ .99 download or you can also buy the album.