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Important information for Parents, Teachers,
and Nursery Workers and Caretakers in sidebar.
This book is a new concept in children's books. There are pictures in the book but they are not on the same page with the story so that your child will focus on the words while your are reading the story. Point to the words as you read. More information in sidebar. Blessings on you.

Below is a composite of the pictures in Creation Story Reader. This composite is on pages 56-57 in the book.













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Note to Parents, Teachers,
Nursery Workers, and Caretakers

Creation Story is the first of many Readers for very young children. This book has been designed so that very young children can see the words and begin to learn to read because the fastest learning period in a child’s life is birth to 2 1/2 or 3 years old. Start by reading the book to your young child, pointing to each word as they read and then talking about the illustrations in the same terminology. This will help the child associate the words with the pictures. Pictures are not on the same page with the words so the child is able to focus on the words and not be distracted by the pictures. Most of the print is black. The basic thought on each page is in red because red and black are the easiest colors for little children to focus on.

For very young children it is possible you might like to take this book apart and insert each sheet in a plastic sheet protector and place in a loose-leaf notebook so that it will be more durable.

Included in the back of the story is a list of the words in the story for your teaching purposes.

This book is designed for use in the home, homeschools, daycare centers, church nurseries and pre-schools. Look for more Readers to come.