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Google "Teaching Babies" for more resources on this subject.


There are many programs you can use to teach your little one how to read. This website will supplement these programs with Bible materials.

Teaching Babies
by Kay Ness

This article says babies have to learn to see and hear and stimulation helps develop their senses. Be careful of babies getting fluid in their ears. This creates hearing difficulties and impairs their ability to learn. Lots of good stuff in this article. Be sure to also click on the Articles.

THE BOOK THAT STARTED THE GENTLE REVOLUTION was "How to Teach Your Baby to Read" This was the first book that I read. It turned me on! Be sure to click on the Introduction Video on the left on this website. You'll learn a lot. This site has a huge catalog with lots of materials to teach babies.

A great book by Glenn Doman to read when you have a new born is How Smart is Your Baby It has so many good tips to help you.

Your Baby Can Read ®

I've seen this program and know someone who's having success using it. Dr.Titzer created this program after his daughter learned to read using Dr. Doman's Methods.

How I taught my child to read using manicure scissors

by Gwynne Spencer
This article show that you can teach your child using your
own creativity. It has great ideas and there are other wonderful articles in the sidebar.





When and how should you teach your baby?

Click to see
Baby Genius Video

The brain grows by use. .

Building a Baby's Brain

What you can do to nurture positive brain development.

The Importance of Physical Activity

A Breakthrough in Pre-School Education This video in this link is convincing. There is also information about courses parents and/or teachers can take on Multiplying your child's intelligence and on how to teach Brain Injured children. These courses are at Glen Doman's Institute for Academic Achievement.

Free Downloads from BumbleBee

Also check the sidebar on this site for other resources. They also have resources for Autistic children

Books for
Children 3 - 8

Teaching Christ's Children

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